Traditional Funeral Scheme

  • The joining fee – R150.00
  • Monthly payment – R150.00


We offer the following

  • Mortuary, Casket, Hearse and 2 Family Cars
  • Deco at the Graveyard with Drinks
  • 100 Printed Programmes
  • We give out groceries worth R1500.00 or Bus Hire (An additional R50 to your monthly payment is required to get both)
  • Preparations for Saturday’s funeral are on Wednesday and for Sunday’s funerals are on Thursday.
  • We remove you from our books should there be 3 months of non-payment


25kg Maize Meal, 12,5kg Cake Flour, 10kg Mabele A Ting / 10kg Samp, 500g Tea bags

Powder Milk, 1X6 – 2Kg Braaipack, 5ltr Cooking Oil, 5kg Sugar, 1 Bag of Potatoes

1 Bag of Tomatoes, 1 Bag of Onions, 1 Bag of Cabbage, 1 Bag of Carrots