About us

About Us

LEKOTA FUNERAL SERVICES is a black owned South African Company which is totally PDI. The dawn of democracy has opened doors for previously disadvantaged communities to venture into business and obtain work from corporate, government and private markets, we at Lekota funerals are aiming at accessing those opportunities .As we all know that death can be financially and emotionally exhausting, we are here to help ease the pressure,we have a hands on management philosophy, a keen team player spirit and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship.

We do things differently, treating our customers with respect and promoting positive change therefore the interaction of communities and stakeholders inputs into planning, implementation and construction is highly encouraged in ensuring that the product delivery meets the client’s expectations. We pride ourselves with the knowledge that if one wants to transform the organization it’s not about changing systems and processes so much, it’s about changing the hearts and minds of people. Mindfulness is the most brilliant technologies for helping alleviate human suffering and for bringing out our extraordinary potential as human beings; our intention is to market the idea of job creation by enhancing sustainable and affordable services. We are ready to adapt to changes turning opportunities into profit while participating in the combat of unemployment

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all crucial services required in ensuring that that the family is taken care when the need arises. Building sustainable relationships with our clients.

Our Vision

We are committed to helping and providing relevant, unique solutions that will suit the budget and individual circumstances.


Core Values

    • Excellence : The commitment to excellence that will enable us to attain the success we seek.
    • Accountability : Accountability breads responsibility and we represent both.
    • Innovation : New thinking, new mind-set and new perspective on challenging difficult organizational problems.
    •  Emotional Intelligence : Respecting how other people are feeling, resonance is Emotional Intelligence in action.